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Plants are able to absorb amino acids through roots or leaves and transport them to other tissues where to perform their essential functions. products containing free L-form amino acids are highly useful to complement fertilization and other maintenance practices. Srikar Polymer contained L form amino acids follar application of Srikar Polymer enhances the performance of existing leaves and maintains healthier crop throughout the crop life
Major effects of Srikar Polymer on crops includes:
1. Increases synthesis of protein. Chlorophyll and photosynthetic capacity.
2. Increases tolerance to water stress and other adverse conditions.

3.Reduces incidence of diseases. 4. increases membrane permeability and nutrient uptake
5. Enhances flower and fruit / seed establishment.
6. Enhances root growth and development


Method of Application for Srikar Polymer Folier application - minimum of 3 rounds in cotton, chilli, Redgram, Paddy, Bengal Gram, Bhendi, Brinjal an dother vegetable crops for excellent results
Fortiar application- Minimum of 4 rounds in mango, grape, lemon, sweet orange, melons and other fruits crops for very satisfactory results


3ml to 3.5ml Polymer / 1 litre of water or 400ml polymer / acre

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