Our valuable clients can avail from us Cropmore (Triacontanol 0.1 % EW) that contains naturally present nutrients. The offered product is processed in the most hygiene environment under the supervision of our experienced professionals at our well equipped production base. This product is stringently tested against each and every quality parameter to ensure its default free range towards user end at affordable rates.




  • Accurate composition

  • Quick effectiveness

  • Non-hazardous

"Triacontanol 0.1 % EW
" is a plant Growth promoter, derived from agricultural raw material. It is a mixture of long chain high molecular weight fatty alcohols, the major alcohol being Triacontanol with 30 carbon atoms. Besides there are sterols present in the product.

Benefits of Triacontanol 0.1 % EW:

  • Active principles of "Triacontanol 0.1 % EW" activate the cell division / multiplication process resulting in increase in length of stem and root
  • The leaves on the plant becomes larger and greener, so more carbohydrates are synthesized by the plants with more leafy vegetation and due to more carbon
  • assimilation, the nutrients absorbed by the plants are properly utilized
  • When roots are longer and with more branches, they spread themselves wider and deeper in the soil and absorb more water and plant nutrients. Legumes will have more root nodules and fix more atmospheric nitrogen
  • "Triacontanol 0.1 % EW" ensure reduction in flower drop, more fruit setting and larger sized Fruits
  • Active principles of "Triacontanol 0.1 % EW" have insect repellent property, so the plants are less affected by insect infection. Plant becomes healthier and stronger to tolerate and resist disease attack


  • 2 to 5 ml of 0.1% Triacontanol EW per litre
  • 15 days after transplanting the plant and second at the time when the plant is at full bloom
  • Triacontanol is suggested for sugarcane, soybeans, chillies, vegetables, groundnuts etc

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