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SRIKAR TRIJET is a broad spectrum insecticide, miticide and nematicide which belongs to organophosphate group of insecticides. It exhibit translaminar action in plant with stomach and contact activity on insect pests. It is used against a wide range of sucking and chewing pests on various crops.
Active ingredient
Available packing
Mode of Action
Compatible with most insecticides, fungicides, etc.
Two years under normal storage conditions.
100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1Litre and 5 Litre.
SRIKAR TRIJET acts by interfering with the activities of cholinesterase an enzyme that is essential for the proper working of the nervous system of insects.
Product Features:
1) SRIKAR TRIJET is broad spectrum insecticide.
2) SRIKAR TRIJET has an excellent ovicidal action.
3) SRIKAR TRIJET controls insects dwelling on the undersurface of the leaves due to translaminar action.
4) SRIKAR TRIJET provides an excellent control of the whitefly.
5) SRIKAR TRIJET controls mites and nematodes.
6) SRIKAR TRIJET is an Ideal tank mix partner.

SRIKAR TRIJET - Recommendations
Crop Application dose / acre Pest
Cotton 600-800 ml Bollworms, Whitefly
Brinjal 500 ml Shoot & Fruit borer, Epilacna beetle
Paddy 300-500 ml Stem Borer, Leaf Folder, Hispa, Green leaf hopper, Brown plant hopper, White back plant hopper.
Soybean 250 ml Girdle beetle, Leaf minor, Semi-looper


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