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Corona GR is a naturally derived product. which from seaweed,humic acid and Hydrolysed proteins increases soil fertility humus content and effectively chelates metalic icons

Promotes roots growth are enhances the ability to adsorb plant nutrients from soil and increases yield.

Fecilitates phosphorus availability breaks up the unproductive clay soils and turns into profitable soil ; increases soil microorganisms metabolic activity

Stimulates Photosynthesis,respiration rates increases root and top growth of fresh and dry weight basis.

Enhances Plant root uptake of P,K,Fe,Cu,Zn, and Ca,

Enhances enzymatic activities to strengthen the plant defense mechanism at the time of flowering and disease incidense.


Paddy,Chillies,Tomato,Brinjal,Cotton,Pluses,Grapes,Lemon,Orange,Melons,Vegitable and Horticultural Crops.


2.5Kg/1 Acre

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