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Anjan GR is a naturally derived granualar formulation of novel yieldbooster which increase crop productivity ,plant vigor, plant nutriation and soil fertility.

Anjan GR Which Contains sea weed extract in the form of complex range of biological stimulants and nutrients to bring plant vigor .

Anjan GR Enhances the rhizosphere area around plant root zone hence it strengthens the plant defense mechanism against posts and d iseases .

Anjan GR which contain natural plant growth promoters in sea weed extract which control plant growth and also control some insects by disrupting their reproductive capabalities .

Anjan GR increases and strengthens the microbial flora of the soil for good mineralisation of the organic matter and also improves good soil structure and fertility around the roots.


paddy,Sugarcane ,vegetables , and horticulture Crops.


5Kg Anjan granuals Per Acre.

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